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Farsi/Persian Alphabet
Farsi is written from right to left; Both words & numbers.
Its alphabet consists of 32 letters which some of them have a similar sound. Short vowels are not written in Farsi. Each alphabet letter has two forms : Capital & Small.
Letters are attached together to form words. Contrary to English, words end in capital letters.
Below, you find the Farsi / Persian alphabet.

  English Farsi     English Farsi


    I man
  No na     You (singular, familiar) to
  Thank you mot'sha'keram   /  merci     You (singular, formal) shoma
  Thank you very much khei'li mot-sha'keram     He / She ou
  Please lotfan     It oon
  Excuse me bebakh'shid     We ma
  Hello salam     You (plural) shoma
  Good bye khoda'hafez     They ishan
  See you be'omide'didar        
  Good morning sobh be'kheir     What is Your name? esme shoma chist?
  Good day rooz be'kheir     My name is ... . esme man ... ast.
  Good evening asr be'kheir     Nice to meet you. khosh'vagh'tam.
  Good night shab be'kheir     How are you? hal'e shoma che'tor'e?
          Good khoob
  I don't understand man ne'mi'fahmam     Bad bad
  I don't know Farsi man farsi balad nis'tam        
  I know English man ingilisi mi'doo'nam     Wife zan / khanoom
  Do you speak English? Shoma ingilisi mi-doo'nid?     Husband shohar
  French faransavi     spouse hamsar
  Spanish espanioli     son / boy pesar
  German almani     daughter / girl dokhtar
  Japanese japoni     mother madar
  Turkish turki     father pedar
          friend doost
  Why? chera?     sister khahar
  What? chi?     brother baradar
  Where? koja?     Mr. / Man agha
  When? kay?     Mrs. / Ms. / Lady khanoom
  How? chetor?        
  English Farsi       English Farsi English Farsi
  Zero (0) sefr             one hundred (100) sad
  One (1) yek         Twenty (20) bist two hundreds (200) devist
  Two (2) dow         Thirty (30) see three hundrads (300) si-sad
  Three (3) se         Forty (40) chehel four hundreds (400) chahar-sad
  Four (4) chahar         Fifty (50) panjah five hundreds (500) pan-sad
  Five (5) panj         Sixty (60) shast six hundreds (600) shish-sad
  Six (6) shesh         Seventy (70) haftad seven hundreds (700) haft-sad
  Seven (7) haft         Eighty (80) hashtad eight hundreds (800) hasht-sad


Eight (8) hasht         Ninety (90) navad nine hundreds (900) noh-sad
  Nine (9) noh                
              Thousand (1000) hezar Million (1,000,000) Milion

Other Farsi numbers can be made using the above numbers in the same way that English numbers are made.

For example :

62  : Sixty Two : .shast ow dow.
253 : Two Hundreds Fifty Three : ..devist ow panjah ow se.
4,127 : Four Thousand & Hundred Twenty Seven : .chahar hezar ow sad ow bist ow haft.
: Fifty Six Thousand & Eight Hundred twenty five : .panjah ow shesh hezar ow hashtsad ow bist ow panj.
: Four Hundred Fifty Five Thousands & Nine Hundred Seventeen : .chahar-sad ow panjah ow panj hezar ow noh-sad ow hef-dah.
(ow = and)



  English Farsi     English Farsi
  How much does it cost? gheimat-e in chand ast?     Breakfast sob'han'e
  What is this? in chist?     Lunch na'har
  I buy it. man in ra mikharam     Dinner sham
  I would like to buy ... . man mikham ... ra bekharam     Vegeterian sabzikhar
  Do you have ...? Aya shoma ... darid?     Please bring the bill lotfan hesab ra biavarid
  Do you accept credit cards? Aya shoma credit card ghabool mikonid?        
  Open baz     Restaurant resturan
  Closed basteh     Bread nan
  Postcard cart'postal     Beverage nooshidani
  Stamps tambr     Coffee ghah've
  A little yek kam     Tea chai
  A lot zi'yad     Juice abmiv'e
  All ham'e     Water ab
          Salt namak
  Shop forooshgah     Pepper felfel
  Shopping center markaz-e kharid     Meat goosht
  Discount takhfif     Fish mahi
  Souvenir soghat     Poultry morgh
  Handicraft sanay'e dasti     Vegetable sabzi
  Nuts khoshkbar     Fruit miv-e
  Pistachio pest-e     Potato / French fries sib'zamini
  Dates khorma     Salad salad
  Carpet farsh     Dessert deser
          Ice cram bastani
          Soft drink Nooshab'e
          Water Pipe Ghalyoon
  English Farsi     English Farsi
  Where is ...? ... kojast?     Hotel hotel
  How much is the fare? bilit chand ast?     Hostel mosafer-khan-e
  Ticket bilit     Room otagh
  One ticket to ..., please. yek bilit be ..., lotfan.     Reservation reservasion
  Where are you going? koja miravid?     Are there any vacancies for tonight? aya baray-e emshab ja darid?
  Where do you live? koja zendegi mikonid     No vacancies Ja nadariam.
  flight parvaz     Single room otagh-e tek-takht-e
  Train ghatar     Double room otagh-e dow-takht-e
  Bus otooboos     Extra bed takht-e ezaf-e
  Subway/ Underground metro     I want to stay for ... nights. man mikhaham ... shab bemanam.
  Airport foroodgah     Bed takht
  Train station istgah-e ghatar     Bath hammam
  Bus Stop istgah-e otooboos     Shower doush
  Bus Station / Terminal Terminal     Toilet towalet
  Subway/Underground Station istgah-e metro     Floor tabagh-e
  Departure khorooj     Lift / Elevator asansor
  Arrival vorrod     Location mo'ghe'iat
  Car Rental mashin-e keray-e        
  Parking parking     Tourist Information et'tela'at'e turisti
  taxi taxi     Passport passport
  Left chap     What day is today? emrooz che roozi ast?
  Right rast     What time is it? saat chan ast?
  Straight mostaghim     10:17 dah va hefdah daghi'ghe
  Up bala     1:30 yek va see daghi'ghe
  Down pa'in     Second sani'ye
  Far door     Minute daghi'ghe
  Near / Close nazdik     Hour sa'at
  Long toolani / deraz     Day rooz
  Short kootah     Week haft'e
  Map nagh'sh-e     Month mah
  North shomal     Year sal
  South jonoob     Today emrooz
  East shargh     Yesterday dirooz
  West gharb     Tomorrow farda
          Tonight emshab
          Saturday shan'be
          Sunday yek'shan'be
          Monday dow'shan'be
          Tuesday se'shan'be
          Wednesday char'shan'be
          Thursday panj'shan'be
          Friday jom-e
          night shab
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